Get an Upscale Look in Your Home Today by Busting Common Basement Floor Myths.

Achieving an elegant, classy, and rustic look in your basement for the same price as low-priced flooring has never been easier. Not only have many common myths about this technique been busted, but many homeowners are realizing the everlasting value of decorative concrete flooring. Let your opinion on concrete flooring be changed by reading these myths about concrete basement floors.

Myth #1: Bare Concrete Floors are Cold and Damp

In properly constructed homes, the floors will never feel cold because of better insulation techniques. To keep floors warmer, infloor radiant heat can be installed before the concrete slab is poured. And the look of decorated concrete can change the way homeowners see their basements.

Myth #2: Cracks in Concrete Are Inevitable and its Better to Cover Them Than Live with Them

Many upscale homeowners prefer the rustic and fractured look that staining can achieve. Cracks usually only arise when there are serious structural issues with the home and the minor cracks add to that classy rustic look.

Myth #3: Carpeting Looks Warmer and Much More Inviting than Concrete

When concrete floors are stained with rich earthy tones, an instant warmth and upscale look is achieved. A stained concrete floor could possibly be one of the room’s most beautiful features and enhances its elegance. And unlike carpets, concrete does not trap dust, dirt, and allergens.

Myth #4: Covering Up or Sealing the Concrete Floor Will Help to Reduce Radon Infiltration

If the foundation is cracked, it does not matter what is put on top of it. Radon can still infiltrate your home, even if the cracks are sealed. It is important that the foundation is properly installed and that vapor barriers are installed to block radon infiltration.

Myth #5: Decorative Concrete Floors are Slippery

Decorative concrete floors not only enhance the beauty of your home but they are also no more slippery than ceramic or vinyl flooring. Also, a nonslip additive can be added to the decorate coating that will prevent accidents.

Myth #6: Floor Coverings are Cheaper to Install than Decorative Concrete

While decorative concrete flooring could be as expensive as installing low to mid-priced flooring, it is definitely cheaper than installing high-priced flooring. And the added perks of decorative concrete far outweigh those of flooring. The life expectancy of decorative concrete is much longer than other flooring. And if water seepage occurs, the concrete will remain undamaged but the flooring will have to be taken off and replaced. In the long run, you save money by decorating concrete and the look will always remain as beautiful as the day it was placed.

* content appropriated from Concrete Expression Fall 2006