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Owner/Operator: Patrick Boyle
Vice President: Danny McCarthy
CFO: Kevin Johnson
Director of Public Relations: Carolyn Chapman
CEO Concrete Division: Penny Woodall
Director of Resinous Coatings Division: Steve Media
Director of Residential Services: Tim Day
Project Manager: Will Bermudez
Assistant Project Manager: Gisella Salazar
Assistant Project Manager: David Cane
Assistant Project Manager: Jackie Hiter
Accountant: Mary Ann Coy

9208 A-1 Venture Ct.
Manassas Park, VA 20111
Phone: (571) 642-0522
Fax: (571) 642-0525

Office Hours:
Monday- Friday 7:00 A.M.- 5:00 P.M.


Patrick Boyle (President):
(571) 642-0522

Danny McCarthy (Vice President):
(571) 287-3885

CFO: Kevin Johnson
(571) 642-0522

Carolyn Chapman (Director of Public Relations)
(571) 409-3530

Penny Woodall (CEO Concrete):
(571) 642-0522

Steve Medina (Director of Resinous Coatings Division):
(571) 447-1719

Tim Day (Director of Residential Services):
(703) 303-7942

Will Bermudez (Project Manager):
(571) 233-1434

Gisella Salazar (Assistant Project Manager):
(202) 430-3205

David Cain (Assistant Project Manager):
(540) 300-0085

Jackie Hiter (Assistant Project Manager):
(571) 393-4063

Mary Anne Coy (Accountant):
(571) 393-4063